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Physical Design

Corporate Theatre & Scenic Design

Eye Care Conference.jpg

Eye Care Conference

Large Event, Intimate Feel .jpg

Large Event, Intimate Feel 

Boeringer Ingelheim.jpg

Boeringer Ingelheim

Symphony Under the Stars.jpg

Symphony Under the Stars

Vehicle Concepts Expo.jpg

Vehicle Concepts Expo

Pharmaceutical Event .jpg

Pharmaceutical Event 

TR Legal Event Scenic Design.jpg

TR Legal Event 

Branded Environments.jpg

Branded Environments

The Nexus of Cyber Data and Security .jpg

The Nexus of Cyber

Data and Security 

Vehicle Expo.jpg

Vehicle Expo

Change The World.jpg

Change The World

Solution Services Event .jpg

Solution Services Event

Pharmaceutical Conference.jpg

Pharmaceutical Conference

Payment Technologies Event.jpg

Payment Technologies Event

Symphony IRI.jpg

Symphony IRI

3D Multimedia Dome Experience.jpg

3D Multimedia Dome Experience

Digital Experience Event.jpg

Digital Experience Event

Aurora Business Event.jpg

Aurora Business Event

Custom Flexibility and Elegance.jpg

Custom Flexibility

and Elegance

Social Networking Event.jpg

Social Networking Event

NOVO Nordisk.jpg

NOVO Nordisk

Larger General Session to Smaller Breakout Rooms.jpg

Larger General Session to Smaller Breakout Rooms

Consulting Event.jpg

Consulting Event

Boeringer Ingelheim Revolution .jpg

Boeringer Ingelheim Revolution 

Beach Polo Event .jpg

Beach Polo Event 

Boehringer Ingelheim  Lilly.jpg

Boehringer Ingelheim  Lilly

Technology Company Event.jpg

Technology Company Event

PR Solutions Event.jpg

PR Solutions Event

Information Technology Conference.jpg

Information Technology Conference

John Legend Private Performance.jpg

John Legend Private Performance

Computer Software Conference .jpg

Computer Software Conference 

17-067 FastFood_GoldenArch_Stage_Option1_RightView_01_wb.jpg

Fast Food Awards


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