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Change the World


AbbVie General Session


Fairmont San Francisco

Grand Ballroom





Simple Elegant Transformations

Celebrating Unique Moments

The design challenge was clear. Three unique looks to celebrate three key moments needed to occur in a single space over a short period of time. Our solution was one of simplicity and elegance. A center circle screen, two outboard screens, and dramatic lighting were the design’s fundamental building blocks.

  • The General Session look embraced the look and color palette of the theme graphic creating a space in which the two perfectly complemented each other.

  • A talent show, in the style of “The Voice,” was the next look. The stage itself, highlighted with dramatic lighting, became a primary focus of this design.

  • The third look was for a cutting edge, yet elegant banquet and awards gala. Lighting and furniture changes created a dramatic, contrasting look from the previous looks.

Individually, each look stood completely on its own. Together, they took attendees on an unforgettable journey that celebrated and honored both AbbVie and all those in attendance.

Renders from the Event:

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