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Architectural Visualization


Architectural Services

Creating Maximum Impact

Technical drawings leave a lot to the imagination when it comes to visualizing the final design of an architectural project. Pulse Studio can breathe life into the design process by creating photorealistic interior and exterior 3D renderings for commercial and residential projects. Our high quality visuals can help get your project off the ground and assist stakeholders in making informed decisions about structure, layout, and materials. 



Home Sweet Home

Whether it's new home construction, a remodeling project, or furniture staging, we can help bring your residential space to life. We can construct multiple options to aid in choosing color, texture, and layout.



Visualize Large Projects

Pulse Studio can create photorealistic renderings of an architectural structure with quick turnaround times to accurately depict your work and impress your clients. From office spaces to high-end hotel lobbies, we can provide compelling and realistic architectural renderings to you. Our rendering capabilities capture extreme details of texture and realistic lighting



Bring It To Life


Our real-time rendering process allows us to quickly and affordably create flythrough animations of your space to maximize the impact for your clients. Animated videos are great to include in presentations to decision makers.


Virtual Tours

View Your Space From All Angles


We create 360° virtual tours that provide any perspective of your architectural project. Stakeholders can then view these tours through a desktop or mobile browser, or even in a Virtual Reality headset, allowing them to move around the space and explore.  


Virtual Reality

Be Fully Immersed


What better way to get the feel of a space than to immerse yourself inside of it. Our team can create real-time 3D environments that can be experienced through a VR headset, giving you and your clients the most true-to-life representation of your residential or commercial space.


Signage and Wayfinding

Get Noticed

Pulse Studio can design and create attractive signage and wayfinding solutions for your business. From exterior signage that attracts people into your business to interior signs and wayfinding solutions to direct people where they want to go.

Ready to Discuss Your Next Design? 

As a design agency located in Chicago, Pulse Studio is centrally located. Our professional designers and project managers are accessible and ready to discuss your ideas for your next project. To learn more about our architectural rendering capabilities or to discuss your project needs, contact a member of our team today. 

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