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We create memorable event experiences. It’s what we do and have done for nearly 20 years. With the increasing popularity of virtual events and hybrid events, our team has sought to recreate and elevate the traditional in-person event within the virtual environment.


Our team of designers and developers can build virtual reality user experiences ranging from the very small to the unthinkably large. From a single interactive product demo to a multi-level story with full interaction and visual effects, we can build it.

Custom VR Experiences on Your Terms

People will forget what you said but not how you made them feel. Tell your story in a visceral way by immersing people in your brand. We take storytelling to new levels by creating dynamic, interactive, and custom Virtual Reality experiences that are designed to immerse users within the digital world that you imagine, and we create for them.

Industry-Native Knowledge

Our team's backgrounds are all rooted in the event industry. We employ some of the most experienced and trusted virtual reality designers and event planners in the event industry. We fully understand the attendee journey, event technology, and the challenges that event planners face. The entire team at Pulse Studio is always focused on the future and is constantly striving to improve event experiences by incorporating the latest technologies and best practices.

Cutting-Edge Event Technology

We are experts in all aspects of VR hardware and VR technology. Whether you are interested in giving product demonstrations, implementing customizable games, hosting trade shows, or creating great VR content, we have the technology and know-how to create a truly immersive experience.

Proven Virtual Reality Design Process

Pulse Studio employs proven and trusted VR design processes. We start by working with you to understand the messaging and story that you want attendees to experience. Our design team uses storyboards to illustrate the experience. Once the storyboards are approved, our virtual reality designers will craft the VR environment in 3D. Finally, we refine the voice-over and story visuals to make sure that each attendee walks away with a complete understanding of your product or brand.





Scenic VR Design Services

Scenic design like nothing you have ever experienced…. Until now… 

Experience the look and feel of the event space long before production starts. Create the perfect event venue. Arrange social tables and get a sense of how users interact. Have your presenters practice on stage, so when they get to the show they are already comfortable on stage. With our scenic VR design services and immersive technology, anything is possible.


Training and Data Tracking

It’s all fun and games until something goes wrong…

Virtual Reality is absolutely not limited to a single, linear story. Rather, the training experience is often dynamic. We can help you to track data and decision-making in order to better understand which sections of your training process require more emphasis or refinements. This is not only an effective exercise for trainees but a valuable tool for administrators.


The Next Wave of Education

Virtual Reality technology will play a critical role in educational settings in the coming years. It is one thing to explain an incredible idea. But it is another thing entirely to show it in action.

Take your students out of the classroom and allow them to connect with the subject matter firsthand with immersive tech. Let them solve problems by thinking critically. Design VR experiences that position your organization as a market leader.

We take all of our experience designing for events and combine that with Virtual Reality.
Are you ready to take your next event into VR?

VR Devices:

The Gateway

Oculus Rift, Quest & Go

Fully interactive, 360º HD experiences with built-in high-definition headphones and ergonomic controllers.

Our team is veterans of the event industry, gaming industry, and technology industry. We surveyed the VR technology landscape and we have chosen to develop our content using the Oculus Rift S, Oculus Quest, and Oculus Go. The natural feeling the controllers provide, the HD display, and the built-in headphones all contribute to making the user an active participant in the virtual world. The Oculus is easy to set up, easy to hold, and easy to interact with your story. It was a no-brainer. The Oculus is our gateway into the virtual world.

While the Oculus is our preferred VR headset, we can develop AR And VR experiences for VR devices as well. Just tell us what you want to use and our talented team will make it happen.


Don't Go It Alone!

Meet Pluckey. Your digital brand ambassador!

You’re not alone. Pluckey is your VR helper. He’s the digital assistant that speaks directly to the guest!

Whether you want Pluckey to be a helpful brand ambassador or a silly counterpart with a hint of sarcasm, we can customize the personality to fit your message. This allows your guest to enjoy the game with a bit of help.

Learn More About Virtual Reality 

Pulse Studio is conveniently located in the greater Chicago area. We have helped countless brands to expand their reach by bringing the VR experience to their users. With nearly 20 years of experience designing award-winning event venues and virtual event experiences, we excel at leveraging virtual and augmented reality technologies to provide memorable VR experiences. To learn more about our virtual reality design services, contact a member of our team today to get the conversation started.

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