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Digital Design Services




Interactive Experiences, Games, and Apps

Digital Design is our way of engaging and communicating brand messages through memorable interactive experiences.  

Whatever your goal, our digital design services leverage immersive technology and expert concept artist renderings to show your audience a message in a new way.  We work with all forms of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (AR) technology to offer a broad range of scalable user experiences. Our talented designers can create everything from fully custom, high-end Virtual Reality storytelling experiences that convey your message to unique Augmented Reality apps that inform and engage audiences.  We also offer brandable VR Rental Games that are ready to go and can be customized to your specific engagement and vision.

Interested in unique activations for an upcoming event? 



Blow Your Audience Away


We can create motion graphics content for a variety of applications. Draw visitors to your trade show booth with eye catching LED wall video content. Impress attendees with an immersive opening moment to your keynote address. Generate product interest through promotional videos for your products.



Engagement at your Fingertips


Pulse Studio creates unique touchscreen branded activations.  Whether you want to educate, entertain, or engage, interacting with interesting content will create a positive unique experience the user will remember.  Let us design fun and engaging ways to connect your audience with your digital product models, animations, and content. 



Content Creation and Management


Our designers get to know your marketing objectives and use them to create and manage digital signage messaging across the country. Our file management and attention to detail will prove valuable to your marketing team. Our team will integrate seamlessly into your systems and processes to get content up and running quickly. 



The Best way to Render


Expanding on our real-time rendering process with the Unreal engine, we create software that grants you the freedom to access and walk through your entire event environment. Experience your event from all directions and displays from any perspective.  



Go Beyond 2D Renderings


We create 360° virtual tours giving any perspective of your event space or guest journey. Using our REAL-TIME rendering process, we provide 360° stills or 360° flythrough animations in just minutes. These can then be viewable locally, through a browser on a smart device, or even by using a Virtual Reality headset. 



Turning Dreams into Reality


Pulse Studio's designers create custom content for virtual reality.  Whether you want to provide your users with a unique VR experience, allow them to explore new worlds, or get lost in a fun immersive branded game, our designers bring your vision to life.  Our goal is to provide your audience with a user experience that will inspire them and leave them reflecting on the experience for many years to come. 



Alter Your Reality


Using apps on mobile devices or a platform, our designers create fun and educational experiences that allow users to experience content and your brand in an interactive way. We deliver mixed reality AR engagements for large-scale distribution or smaller environments that are tailored to a small event. 



Virtual Reality Games, Ready to Brand


Our game concept artists have created preprogrammed video games that streamline the process of getting VR at your event. The games incorporate playful game mechanics like throwing, launching, or shooting.  We have time-based game experiences that allow large groups to interact and compete for a spot on the leaderboard. Simply provide our designers with your branding guidelines and vectorized logos to make the game look like you created it. Activations like this are sure to get people talking. 



Loose Concepts, Big Ideas


Whether you are in the early days or further along in the process, we provide hand-drawn sketches to help communicate design ideas or options. Black and white or colorized, technical drawing or concept art, concept artists that can quickly render real world sketches is an invaluable skill to bring to any project. 

Interested in Learning More About the Best Digital Design Services? 

Pulse Studio provides award-winning digital design services to businesses located all over the world. Our team is highly accessible and leverages the latest technologies to consistently create memorable user experiences. To learn more about our digital design services, contact a member of our team today. 

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