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Custom Content Creation

What is custom content creation and why do I need it?

If you are trying to attract attention to your trade show booth, retail store front, or LED tiles with unique sizes at your live event, then you need custom content. 

You only have a few seconds to grab viewers attention and interest them in your brand, product or service. Eye-catching graphics helps with getting someone to look at your display.

Pulse Studio can help you create visual content to help you achieve your goals.

  • LED tiles and surfaces
  • Lobby monitors
  • Tradeshow booth monitors
  • Touchscreen content
  • Transparent LED surfaces
  • Digital Signage
  • Hologram technology
  • LED Fans & Arrays
  • Billboards or Times Square


Looping logos, animated tag lines, and motion graphics.


Let us tell your story through visual content.


Pulse Studio creates content sized for your medium and screen sizes.


We'll listen to your goals and develop appropriate visuals.

Questions to ask:


Every visual display has different requirements:

HD, 4k or custom?

LED tiles have varying pixel pitch: 0.9mm up to 40mm 

How far is the viewing distance?

Portrait or landscape orientation?


How long are people looking at your screen?

Are they walking past?

Sitting in a lobby?

Driving by?

Downloading to their computer?


What do you want them to see?

Is this a product hype video?

Looping logos and branded content?

Explainer video?

Motion graphics with brilliant colors for a concert?

Touchscreen interactive content?



Screen graphics and motion

Whether you need custom content for your corporate meetings general sessions LED widescreen or your EDM concerts towering vertical screens, or your tradeshow booths LED wall, we've got you covered. Each LED tile arrangement is unique and has varying pixel pitch. We'll analyze what you need and create content that fits. 



Monitors, displays, TVs or screens

Whatever you call them, we create content for all sizes. If you have a corporate lobby, tradeshow booth, retail store or wayfinding displays they all need content unique to you. Let us create the visuals that will best represent your brand. 



Interactive experiences to engage

Do you need interactive content to engage your audience with a positive brand experience?  An interactive touchscreen can educate, entertain, and engage by bringing brand content and messaging to users fingertips. Let Pulse Studio build an activation that can show videos, interactive tools, branded games and collect user information for lead collection.



Content Creation, Scheduling & Management


Our designers get to know your marketing objectives and use them to create and manage digital signage messaging across the country. Our file management and attention to detail will prove valuable to your marketing team. Our team will integrate seamlessly into your systems and processes to get content up and running quickly



Put your best foot forward

We combine your brand guidelines, messaging, products, and services to create stunning content that represents your company. Motion graphics and video help reinforce your content through brand reinforcement. 



Logos/Products/Branded Content

Have a logo but want to see it animated? Have a product that you want to spin around to show important components? Need intro bumpers for your general session speaker introductions? 


The future is here!

If you really want to impress your potential customers or attendees, you can show off your products with hologram technology. It's not quite Star Wars yet, but there are some fun technologies that catch peoples eyes. 

Ready to discuss your custom content needs? 

Our job is to create the content you need for your events, shows and displays. Let Pulse Studio make your life easier by listening to your content goals and designing visuals that get your messaging across to your audience. The sooner you get our team involved the quicker we can meet your project deadlines.

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