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Augmented Reality Design

We are a full-service augmented reality design agency that utilizes the latest AR technology to help brands in nearly every industry elevate the user experience. Allow your users to interact with your products on a mobile device, tablet, or through AR glasses. Create a fun AR style game. Or even enable users in traditional educational settings to step outside of the classroom to experience the subject matter from entirely new perspectives. Whatever your goals, Pulse Studio has the experience and resources to bring your vision to life.

If you have an idea or are curious to learn how AR can benefit you, please contact a member of our augmented reality team today.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality (AR) is the recreation of physical realities through digital imagery, sound, and/or other sensory stimuli. Augmented reality features three key elements: a combination of real and virtual worlds, real-time interaction, and the accurate 3D rendition of real world and virtual objects. AR technology got its start in the early 1990s for military users. Augmented reality was subsequently extended to commercial and business uses, such as augmented reality gaming and trade show booths. Today, augmented reality apps span many industries, including education, medicine, retail, entertainment, and communications. Moreover, companies use AR technology to derive insights that help business users to make informed decisions.

Augmented Reality
Virtual Reality


The terms augmented reality and virtual reality are often used interchangeably. But there are some key differences. Augmented reality combines the real world with virtual objects to enhance user experiences. Virtual reality, however, fully immerses users in an environment that is distinct from the physical world. As such, augmented reality and virtual reality offer different and unique use cases. In particular, augmented reality is increasingly common in business settings since it can generate informational overlays that aid users in real world scenarios.

Advantages to using Augmented Reality



Cost Savings

Social/Fun Factor

Augmented reality technology allows you to take extremely large or small products and view them at any scale. Our team builds in scaling and rotation functions. That way you can zoom into smaller details or experience a full-size model at scale.

Our award-winning team has extensive experience in both virtual and augmented reality development and handles everything from design to delivery, including strategy, UX design, concept art, 3D modeling, animation, sound design, engineering, analytics, and more. 

With augmented reality, there is no need to ship costly product samples or transport heavy equipment. For example, allow medical professionals to interact with a full-scale model of a device from a tablet or mobile device.

It’s way more fun to experience content in groups. The larger the AR device, the more eyes that can view it at the same time. Users can also share images on social media and increase awareness of your product or service.

Augmented Reality Experiences

Booth Engagement

Unique AR experiences

Elevate the attendee experience with interactive trade show booths. Showcase real world products in every shape and color. Provide detailed product specifications and virtual information. Increase engagement with social elements that increase the reach and influence of your products and services.

Trade Show Booths

Show clients designs in real time

For this augmented reality demo, we took a 2 story 20’x20′ booth into AR. We are able to scale it up to full size and the client can walk through to see what it would look like! You can take it to presentations and show the design in real time.

Automotive Applications

Bring the Showroom to the Living Room

View a 3D model of any car in any color up to full scale. Choose the trim and performance options that meet your needs and budget from a user-friendly AR interface. Check out how your new car will look in your garage before you drive it home from the dealership.

Industrial Applications

Showcase Your Entire Product Catalogue

Allow your customers to view and learn more about your products and services from any device. Place a new machine on your factory floor to see how it fits. View a scaled-down version on your conference room table for a meeting. Empower your sales team with your entire product catalog at their fingertips.

AR Games and Apps

Immersive Fun, Entertainment, and Education


Augmented Reality doesn’t just have to be for business.  We can help you with educational apps that help children and students of all ages learn in a new way.  Imagine looking at the structure of the human body and zooming into cells and even deeper into atoms. Or we can create fun augmented reality games that will provide users with hours of endless entertainment.

Industrial Vehicle

Show full scale equipment

This shows a piece of equipment used to push airplanes in and out of the terminal.  There are animated moving parts and we built in a scaling function that can show the full scale of the product.

Check Out Our Work

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Ready to Learn More About Augmented Reality? 

Pulse Studio has successfully launched hundreds of augmented reality applications and games that are custom-tailored for businesses in nearly every industry. Contact a member of our augmented reality team today to learn more about our services.

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