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Designing in the Metaverse

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Building Experiences for the Future

Pulse Studio has been designing 3D virtual spaces and interactive experiences for almost 2 decades.  In 2019, we injected our combined expertise and experiences into our award-winning virtual event platform.  Our talented digital designers are now utilizing metaverse and VR technology to develop and build immersive virtual brand experiences.


We proudly work with our clients to create unique virtual experiences in Decentraland and Sandbox. Our project team will be able to build a virtual space or virtual world for your brand in a metaverse platform like PAVIA and Bit.Country once they are operational. The metaverse is a groundbreaking concept and offers technology that will play a vital role in expanding brand awareness and engagement in the coming years.  We are proud to be at the forefront of using these exciting new technologies to create compelling virtual experiences every day. Many of our clients are already seeing the benefits of social connection on this revolutionary virtual platform. 

Read on below to learn more about how you can customize your metaverse space, create interactive experiences for individual users, and add value to your brand in the form of NFTs. 



And How Can It Be an Asset to Brand Awareness?

The metaverse is a persistent online 3D-virtual world. In this world, users can come together to connect, play games, learn, and interact with each other. There are several metaverses. Each is built on a unique blockchain and offers its own features, audiences, and opportunities for user interactions. In the future, metaverse platforms will allow users to move freely from one metaverse world to another.  



Adding Unique Value to Your Brand

In the metaverse, there are new opportunities to own digital assets such as virtual land, avatar skins, profile pics, avatar swag, and even a concert or event ticket. These digital assets are called Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). NFTs can provide utility, such as giving you, the holder, access to a virtual event or corporate events. NFTs become tradeable and sellable art since each is tracked as a unique one-of-a-kind digital asset that cannot be copied. NFTs can add tremendous value and can be used to build a loyal and engaged community, becoming a huge part of your brand. 





THE HEX is Pulse Studio's first rentable event space that is hosted in the metaverse.  Our new world comes fully loaded with an arcade, dance floor, lounge, and areas where you can add your video content or even live stream content. The entire space can be rebranded for your experience, including color schemes and logos. This innovative turnkey solution is an efficient and powerful way to offer users their first metaverse experience with your brand. 



Bringing Your Unique Brand to Life


If you're looking for something a bit more custom, our digital designers can create a fully customized environment, either by leasing a section of our metaverse property for virtual events or designing and building on your own metaverse plot for something a bit more permanent. We will work with you to understand the goals of your metaverse space and create interactive and immersive experiences based on those goals. These can include video streaming, NFT galleries, games, product demos, scavenger hunts, and even Proof of Attendance tokens. Interactive elements and technology will increase attendee dwell time and can be designed to encourage users to come back frequently to experience new content, earn rewards, and receive updates about your brand and products. 



Branded Avatar Swag

In the metaverse, you can buy or earn collectible wearables that can be used to give your avatar a unique and recognizable appearance. This is a way of showing off your style, what communities you belong to, or even the virtual events that you have attended. If you host virtual events, consider creating and selling or giving away wearable digital assets to commemorate and reward those that came to your event. Our designers can help you design, create and launch your own avatar wearable collection.  



A Case Study


Pulse Studio created the first of many SHIBLAND worlds that will live in the Metaverse. This first experience lives 24/7 on the Decentraland platform. Pups of Anarchy will be using this space as their clubhouse to hang out, explore, meet up with fellow pups, play games, and party, and even host live events. This is just one of the many exciting things that we are building for the Pups of Anarchy community.  We can tailor these experiences to create something unique for your brand and help you to stay connected with your community. 



A Virtual World Owned by its Users 

Decentraland offers 90,601 parcels of land, grouped into individual parcels, estates (multiple parcels), districts (parcels with similar themes), and plazas (untradable parcels owned by the community). In the Decentraland metaverse, there are three types of tokens: MANA (the native currency), WEAR (wearables and articles), and LAND (the virtual plot of land).  Because Decentraland is an Etherium-based virtual world, it is owned by its asset-holding users. The Pulse Studio design team can help your brand to create a unique and immersive virtual experience in Decentraland. We offer a broad range of development and design services. For example, we can create and integrate a custom NFT collection, develop branded swag, or even create interactive games.



A Metaverse with Gaming and VR Capabilities 


The Sandbox has 166,464 plots of land that can be grouped into estates (owned by one person) or districts (owned by 2 or more people). Sandbox has four types of tokens: SAND (the native currency), ASSETS (contents created by users), GAMES (games created by users), and LAND (the virtual plot of land). The Sandbox has a clear goal of bringing the metaverse platform to mobile devices before the end of 2022.  They also plan to launch the platform on Xbox and PlayStation, and add 5,000 games to the platform by 2023. The Pulse Studio team utilizes the latest technologies to create compelling VR user experiences. We can help your brand to connect with users in exciting new ways by leveraging Sandbox's mobile capabilities and building innovative games for the metaverse. 

Ready to Experience the Metaverse? 

Pulse Studio is proud to be at the forefront of the exciting new virtual world that is the metaverse. If you are interested in learning more about what the metaverse can offer your company, whether that be advertising opportunities or building your own virtual world in the metaverse, contact a Pulse Studio designer today to learn more. 

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