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Virtual Event Design



Branded Virtual and Hybrid Events and Environments

Virtual Design is our practice of creating user-friendly virtual event experiences that place attendees in an immersive and engaging environment that resembles a traditional in person event experience. Our world-class team of virtual event designers and event planning experts ensures that your virtual event or hybrid event showcases your brand and provides your virtual attendees and/or in person attendees with a seamless event experience. Our expertise in virtual event design and virtual event management allows us to strategically and creatively oversee all aspects of your event. This includes everything from event technology to visual elements to virtual event data. 

With Pulse Studio, hosting your next event has never been easier. Whether you are interested in hosting an online event, such as a virtual conference, virtual meeting or networking opportunities, or virtual exhibit, your next hybrid event, or traditional in person events, Pulse Studio ensures that the entire event planning and event design is a seamless and enjoyable experience. 

Bring Pulse Studio in as part of your team!  



Personalized 3D Venue

We will create an immersive 3D virtual environment that brings your vision to life. Our team will get to know your brand, audience, and objectives. We will build your 3D venue on our award-winning virtual event platform. Our event planners, event managers, and designers will work together to incorporate interactive elements to boost attendee engagement. Whether your virtual event requires gamification elements, pre-recorded content, breakout sessions or networking sessions, chat groups, or sponsor banners, we have the virtual event technology to incorporate these exciting elements and so many more into your custom 3D venue. 



Changing the World's Entertainment Strategies


Ensure that your future events provide something for everyone. Dramatically expand your audience and host events that add virtual event component to the IRL (in real life) Event. Our team will engage in careful planning and event design to provide an integrated and seamless experience for all attendees. With the click of a button, you can help attendees located all over the world to form meaningful connections and to have a memorable event experience. 



Making your Venue Unique


Pulse Studio started as a physical event design company, crafting compelling in person event experiences. We carry that expertise and experience with us into the virtual world.  Whether you are planning a physical, virtual, or hybrid event, we will be there from start to finish to ensure you have an exciting design that wows your audience from the computer screen to in person. 



Managing Your Own Digital Content

We will create your customized content including your agenda, videos or live sessions, Q+A sessions, gamification, and more.  This system forms the foundation of your engaging and interactive virtual experience, with content and interactivity as unique as your brand. Easily manage your content and weave it into the virtual platform with our user-friendly virtual event platform. 



Connecting with People


Make your event more accessible to those who are unable to travel, while also offering your physical attendees a means to take the show home with them.  We create ways that encourage attendees to chat with one another, chat with experts, attend live Q&A sessions, and connect with each other just as they would at a live event or in person conferences. 



Safe for All Users


Our virtual event platform ensures that users are safe and fully protected. Our entire company prioritizes online security, and our goal is to provide fully compliant restricted access to all data and systems. Our virtual event platform offers full protection against Cross Site Forgery (CSRF) and SQL Injection Attacks. With multiple layers of protection, we strive to provide all attendees with virtual engagement that is fun and safe for all ages.   



Participating in Activities with Your Colleagues


Competition and games are always fun with colleagues, and we have found that the more interactive our virtual event platform is the more successful your virtual event will be.  We will develop a virtual event strategy that strikes a careful balance between interactivity and a versatile learning experience. 



Virtual Experiences, Real World Rewards


With our EngageVE virtual event platform, attendees can earn VEcoins by interacting with content, watching videos, chatting with exhibitors or other attendees, and so much more. After the event, attendees will be able to take the VEcoins they earned and exchange them for real-world gift cards at some of their favorite places to shop! Game on!  



Understanding What Your

Guests Want

Thanks to our robust attendee data tracking capabilities, you can download a full analytics report that includes a broad range of key performance indicators after your event. Easily see how many attendees were at your event, how many unique visitors interacted with content, where people spent the most time, and so much more. Gain powerful insights that will help you to improve future events by keeping attendees engaged and creating the total event experience. 

Ready to Experience Our Award-Winning Virtual Event Platform?

Host your next virtual event or hybrid event on Pulse Studio's award-winning virtual event platform. Contact us today to discuss how you can keep virtual attendees engaged, simplify the planning process, and ensure that your next event is a huge success. 

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