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Live Event Design 



Experiential Branding
and Environments

Physical Design is our practice of visualizing events and activations that are focused on the user’s engagement with your brand. We start by gaining an understanding of your brand, story, and messaging goals. Our designers will create concept sketches of your event space based on extensive research for spatial studies with floor plans and laser scans. 

We will then work with you to select the event meeting design and features that will maximize your returns and have more impact on your customers, such as rental, custom, and hybrid solutions. When you are ready, we will transition into white massing models and prep for the next phase. 

Pulse Studio creates still images, animations, hybrid animations, 360° animations, and even interactive experiences to elevate your presentations, product launches, and events.    

Bring Pulse Studio in as part of your team!  



Immersing Audiences in

Environmental Branding

We start by taking the time to listen to your story and learn about your business objectives and vision. We combine what we learn with our research and develop a strategy for creating a custom experience around your event or activation. 



We Bring Set Designs to Life by Adding Energy & Emotion

We work with our clients to design custom, rental, or hybrid sets based on their needs and budget.  Our techniques include renderings and animations that will give you a vivid sense of how your event will look and feel. 



Custom, Modular, Rental & Hybrid Designs


We combine your brand guidelines, messaging, environment, and media content to create an exhibit space that engages and excites attendees while producing results. Our creative team works on individual booth design, sponsorship packages, as well as overall tradeshow space planning and environmental design.  



Stunning Renderings to Enhance your 3D Visualization 

Pulse Studio can create photorealistic renderings with artistic impressions of an architectural structure with quick turnaround times to accurately depict your work and impress your clients.From office spaces to high-end hotel lobbies, we can provide compelling and realistic architectural renderings to you. Our rendering capabilities capture extreme details of texture and real time lighting techniques. 



Go Beyond 2D Renderings


We create 360° virtual tours that provide any perspective of your event space or guest journey. Using our REAL-TIME rendering process, our creative team can provide 360° stills or flythrough animations quickly and affordably. Stakeholders can then view these renderings locally through a browser on a smart device, or even in a Virtual Reality headset.  



Rough Concepts


Whether at the beginning of the process or at the end of the process, we provide hand-drawn sketches to help communicate design ideas quickly. Black and white or colorized, technical drawing or concept art, sketching is an invaluable tool in our industry. 



Spatial Analysis & File Creation


Our team leverages its architectural and site surveying background to recreate any venue or event space using CAD plans, site photos, and even laser scanning for complete details within a fraction of an inch. We provide measurements for quoting, dimensions for building, and any files for designing. Our team can optimize your design elements into the venue models and give you an idea of what your event will look like in real-time. We aim to provide you with the freedom to look at everything before it goes into production to ensure your complete satisfaction and that your event will be a huge success. 



Visualizations Before Launch


A new product launch can make or break the market for your product. Our experienced product management, product launch, and design team will leverage all our resources to ensure that your product launch is a memorable one. Convey your message to the world with unique unveils, inventive spaces, and artistic stories. We creatively reveal products as small as smartphones and as large as semi-trucks. 

Ready to Discuss Your Next Event? 

As an event design agency located in Chicago, Pulse Studio is centrally located. Our professional designers and event marketing team are accessible and ready to discuss your ideas for your next event. To learn more about our event design and event marketing services and or to discuss your next event, contact a member of our team today. 

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