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Rentable, Brandable & Customizable Virtual Reality Games and Modules

Interactive virtual reality is the next phase in Immersive VR. Pulse Studio proudly offers the very best VR games and modules that can be fully customized for your brand. Our VR games offer are a cost-effective and scalable solution to eliminate passive experiences and increase customer engagement. Easily add brand messaging, product information, and educational elements to any of our customizable VR games.

Offering virtual reality at your next event is a great way to boost attendee engagement and elevate your event from normal to extraordinary. Countless event planners and companies have used our VR games to create memorable attendee experiences. Our passionate and dedicated team is confident that we can do the same for you.


Why Rent Our Virtual Reality Games?


  • Easily integrate brand colors & logos

  • Use client graphics and imagery

  • Developed game tools and mechanics

  • Editable questions and answers

  • Music and ambiance

  • Immersive and fun environments

  • Scoring and leaderboards


  • Length of game

  • The type of game

  • Pre-developed game tools + mechanics

  • Brand messaging

  • Level of interactivity

  • Data collection and analytics

  • Competitive or co-op modes

  • Standing or sitting


  • More cost-effective than a custom game

  • Provides a fun brand experience

  • Content looks unique to your brand

  • Experiential design

  • Short lead time for delivery

  • Rent as many times as you want

Available VR Rental Games

Our Process

Over our nearly 20-year history, we have developed reliable and proven business processes that make the entire rental easy and enjoyable. We start by getting to know more about your company, event, and objectives. This helps us to create the best VR experience for your guests. Our team will then help you to identify and choose the best equipment for your event. Finally, we will ensure that each VR game is deployed seamlessly and works flawlessly on the day of your event.


In the pre-event stage, our team gets to know your business and objectives. We will advise you on the latest event technologies and features to help you make the best choices for your event. We will show you each of our VR games and provide you with an overview of how each game can be customized to fit your brand and elevate your event.


Our team will customize, test, and deploy your VR game to the VR headset and/or equipment that you have chosen for your event.


On the day of your event, our team will make sure that each VR game is working flawlessly. We offer support throughout the entire event to ensure your 100% satisfaction.

VR Rental Game Details


See what it’s like to be down on the field for a one-of-a-kind Rugby VR experience! Use your passing and throwing skills to navigate moving target challenges that get progressively harder. 

Mechanics: Ball throwing/tossing

Optional Features Available: Leaderboard


The Paint Warehouse target range can provide your attendees with hours of fun and entertainment. This VR game combines the fun of a carnival shooting range with vivid splattered paint. Decorate the warehouse with paintballs and exploding paint barrels. Shoot targets to score points and earn bragging rights by topping the leaderboard.

Mechanics: Duel wielding paintball guns

Optional Features Available: Leaderboard


Lounge and Learn world is a simple and fun game that educates the user about your brand while also having fun as they play. This is a great game for those that are new to VR games. The environment is whimsical and relaxing and can work for all types of companies and products. 

Mechanics: Ball throwing

Optional Features Available: Leaderboard



Paint Drop Chamber allows users to throw paint everywhere without the hassle of cleaning up. Attendees will be challenged with a series of mini throwing games that are easy to play but difficult to master. Throw paint grenades through a variety of rings to score points, make a mess, and have fun.

Mechanics: Ball throwing/tossing



This game challenges users with a series of mini-games that are easy to play but difficult to master. Hit moving objects through a variety of challenges to score points and have fun.

Mechanics: Realistic bow

Leader-board capable.



Have you ever wanted to throw passes down on the football field?  Then this will be a great game to see if you can handle the pressure. You will be challenged with a series of mini throwing games that are easy to play but complex to master. Throw paint grenades through a variety of rings to score points, make a mess, and have fun.

Mechanics: Football throwing

Optional Features Available: Leaderboard


Our escape room will place you and a friend in a futuristic engineering room behind a locked door. Using a set of tools and your wit you must find clues and solve puzzles to open the door to escape. Feel the thrill and enjoy the mystery and excitement with each discovery you make.

Mechanics: Shooting, UV Light, Point & Click

We take all of our experience designing for events and combine that with Virtual Reality.
Are you ready to take your next event into VR?

The Gateway

Oculus Rift, Quest & Go

Fully interactive, 360º HD experiences with built in high definition headphones and ergonomic controllers.

We’ve tested the landscape and we have chosen to develop our content using the Oculus Rift S, Oculus Quest and Oculus Go. The natural feeling the controllers provide, the HD display and built-in headphones all contribute to the realness that VR provides. Easy to setup, easy to hold, easy to interact with your story. It was a no-brainer. The Oculus is our gateway into the virtual world.

Don’t worry, we can develop for the other headsets as well. Just tell us what you want to use.

Ready to Rent a VR Game for Your Next Event? 

Pulse Studio offers a broad range of brandable and customizable virtual reality games and modules. Our affordable games provide exceptional VR experiences and can help make your next event an extraordinary one. Contact a member of our team to learn more about our VR games and event services.

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