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Symphony IRI


Symphony IRI - Elevate


Bristlecone Ballroom




Dramatic Set Design

Special FX

Performers, Performance, and Set Become One

Connecting People with People

Business of any kind is about one thing – people. And the success of a business is directly proportional to how well it connects with people. Nowhere is this truer than at a staged business event. The scenic design Pulse Studio created for Symphony IRI connected the event’s performers with the stage and the stage activity with attendees.

Fluid Movement

We worked closely with Quixotic Fusion, an ensemble of artists that brings together aerial acrobatics, dance, theater, film, music and visual FX in truly fantastic fashion. The shark tooth scrim was the perfect backdrop for the ensemble’s aerial acrobatics and interactions with projected special effects. The effect was magical. The choreographed performers worked in synchronicity with pre-produced water-inspired special effects, creating the illusion of the performers directly influencing the water effects. The scenic design became part of the performance and the performance became part of the set. Other event performers who took great advantage of this one-of-a-kind scenic design included Shadow Dancers and people from Symphony IRI who participated in a drum circle as part of a corporate team building experience.

Strong Design = Strong Connections

A strong scenic design creates strong connections between the people on stage and event attendees. At this Symphony IRI event, we created an environment in which the design showcased people and the people showcased the design… all to the benefit of the event’s key stakeholders.

Renders from the Event:

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