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When Catalogues Are More Than Just Pictures


Marketing Catalogue


Glendale Heights



3D Modeling

Photorealistic Rendering

Unlimited Possibilities

When MDC was in need of new photos for their printed catalog, Pulse Studio was brought in to do 3D modeling and photo-realistic. This approach allowed for unlimited possibilities in mood, target audience, atmosphere and environment. Each wall panel was given these constraints and we built the 3D environments and assets to accomplish each scene. Most scenes contained both full room and close up detail renders. This allowed the story to be told in full while at the same time allowing viewers to enjoy the small details of the wall panel.

Close Attention to the Viewer’s Experience

The viewer’s experience with each wall panel was specific to each one. The panel “Oh Gee!” was paired with the quite hotel room and given a light oak finish that both brightened the room and provided very subtle curved shadows as a relaxing backdrop to the room. In stark contrast, “Techno,” with its brushed nickel finish, sharp angles, and large extrusions, shouted motion and direction. An airport check in counter was more than fitting for “Techno’s” mood. All 13 panels needed this close attention to accomplish the challenge of telling their stories in a printed catalog.

Renders from Event:
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