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Telecommunications Expo TX


Trade Show / Conference


KBH Convention Center

Dallas, TX




Scenic Design

Rendering / Space Layout


In a large collaborative effort, Pulse Studio worked with 3 separate teams to design and animate an entire tradeshow floor. The main components of this design were a large central booth design for the primary sponsor, with branding, digital activations, lounges, and smaller booths for partnering sponsors. The surrounding booths were separated into tiers, ranging in size and features per tier.  


Pulse studio attentively modeled every detail of the space, including textures and lighting. We brought together all aspects of the design, 3D models, and graphics from the individual teams to create one cohesive environment with on-brand lighting elements and a creative floor layout. Finally, we added people and all of the finishing touches before animating the experience into a flythrough around the entire hall to showcase the experience and give our clients an in-depth view of what theur final product would look like. 

Renderings and Photos From Event:

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