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Pulse Studio is currently working on a NFT virtual experience. It is a project called SHIBLAND, and it is being created to host the Shiba Inu Community, aka the #ShibArmy. Early next year we will be launching our mint, a collection of unique SHIB Pup NFTs, called “Pups of Anarchy”. Your NFT Pup will act as your membership access to the VIP areas in the 3d virtual world. Each pup will be created with unique traits making some pups rarer than others. It will include games with rewards and community events and a community chest that will be used to give back to the SHIBLAND community. The project’s goals revolve around building and supporting a strong community. 

The 3D virtual environment that you can gain access to with your membership features stages, a café, theatres to view content on NFT’s, cryptocurrency, and Shiba Inu. There is also a swag store, arcade, and so much more.  Shibland will feature both scheduled and on-demand content and serve as a hub for fans of Shiba Inu, cryptocurrency, and NFT’s.  You will also be able to find hubs in the Decentraland metaverse and the Sandbox metaverse.

Renders from the Virtual Environment:
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