Wipro (Appirio) Helix 2021 Project Highlight

Wipro (Appirio) Helix 2021 Project Highlight

Meet The Team

  • McVeigh Global Meetings and Events – Overall Event Creative Strategy, Production and Virtual event management

  • Wipro (Appirio) – Client, Art Direction and participant management

  • EngageVE – Virtual Event Platform

  • Pulse Studio LLC – Virtual Event Design

  • Plego Technologies – Technology Integrations

Campaign Objectives

The goals of the Helix 2021 event were to share inspiring keynotes, thought leadership, and innovative solutions on an immersive virtual platform. The event needed to promote networking and wellness while keeping attendees entertained and engaged. Wipro (Appirio) set out to create a 22-hour virtual event that would live stream 54 content sessions and 22 entertainment segments with an attendance of 2300 users from around the world. An additional requirement was to have the ability to demo new and innovative products and solutions by Wipro (Appirio) and their partners. It was also important to show how Wipro (Appirio) gives back to several deserving charities. Additionally, they wanted to highlight their partners and showcase their sponsors in a way that was integrated into the overall immersive experience. Finally, they wanted the virtual event to be a memorable experience that embodied the culture and brand of the HELIX 2021 brand.

Target Audience

Existing and potential Wipro (Appirio) customers and partners. One of the benefits of a virtual event is that it is not geographically restricted. This removes the barriers of entry for many attendees and allows brands to expand their reach. We sought to leverage these advantages to help the parties reach new customers.


Creating the solution began by building an immersive virtual environment. Using the amazing event artwork created by the talented team at Wipro (Appirio) we designed a custom rooftop venue to complement the HELIX event branding. The venue was surrounded by a modern/semi-futuristic agnostic city skyscape. The design immediately transported people from around the globe into the world of Helix 2021.

The environmental design gave us amazing opportunities for sponsors to be