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Virtual Reality for Previsualization: Transforming renderings into experiences

Pulse Studio has been working with virtual reality (VR) technology to change the way you share concepts, designs, and ideas. By using virtual reality for previsualization, we can pull your projects off the 2D page and present them in a whole new dimension!

Catching problems during previsualization

Utilizing VR for the previsualization process early on helps you work out potential costly problems. Imagine walking through your trade show booth before it ever goes into production. Seeing placement of graphic walls, kiosks and hanging signage from all angles helps to ensure your booth has an optimal layout. This also works great for scenic designs and general sessions. You can move around in real-time and watch the opening video from every seat in the house well before you are ever onsite. That ensures you have great sight-lines for every unique venue. You can put your presenters’ keynote into the VR experience. Then let them practice and get comfortable with the stage before they arrive for rehearsals. Virtual reality can also help visualize layouts for an upcoming pop-up mobile tour. Being able to move furniture and kiosks around in real-time can help figure out logistical issues. Virtual Reality gives you the most accurate, real-time view of your project at any point in your timeline

Want to elevate presentations to potential clients?

VR technology is perfect for stand-up presentations, pitching immersive concepts, and explaining your 360-degree designs to large groups or small. Whether the experience is guided, fully touch interactive or a mix of both, Pulse Studio has a range of hardware options to fit your needs. Using Oculus Go, we can provide quick, cordless headset experiences that work great in a fast-paced, networking environment. Using HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift, high resolution head mounted displays with stereoscopic sound allows us to create immersive experiences. We can utilize interactive controllers to allow guests to “touch” your virtual world. In conclusion, the result is a more memorable presentation, a more engaging pitch, and a more accurate visual to sell designs and concepts.

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