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Using AR to keep visitors screens up at your event

Pulse Studio created an augmented reality (AR) activation for our recent technology event at Chicago Scenic. We wanted to highlight what’s possible with AR by combining it with classic art. The goal was to show museum curators and designers how to integrate technology into their activations.

Our AR activation allowed a deeper experience with Leonardo da Vinci’s painting the Mona Lisa. We programmed our tablet devices to recognize the painting and show our custom layered content. We placed the additional information around the perimeter of the painting. That way we didn’t block the original artwork. The AR content is intended to keep the users “screens up” so they don’t lower their devices and look at the floor. You want your users to keep their heads up and engaged on the content.

Well-designed AR will keep your users engaged and yearning to learn more. It supplements your environmental design around your exhibits and displays. It’s a great way to get your audience to share images on social media and make a memorable experience. For a video showing this type of AR check out our other blog post here.

The same concepts can be applied to corporate events and product launches. If you want to introduce AR to your next event, please reach out to us at 630-796-2894 or

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