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Space Escape 360 Escape Room

New! Space Escape 360° Escape Room Pulse Studio is no stranger to making games. From our Rugby VR experience to Escape Black Orion (available on Steam!), we’ve frequently combined our skills in 3D art, design, and programming to create fun and engaging games and brand activations. With COVID-19 shifting the focus from in-person events to digital ones, we’re seeking new ways to push what a virtual experience can be. Our newest project, Space Escape, expands our offerings into the world of digital escape room games.

See it in action

Space Escape is a virtual escape experience that can be played as a standalone game or integrated into a virtual event. “Our goal with Space Escape was to create a quick, but challenging experience that was easy for players to access and enjoy,” explains Creative Director Dan Kuharchuk. Players win points for finding clues and solving puzzles as they try to get out of a failing space station and return home to Earth. The addition of leaderboards spurs competition for fastest escape times, most puzzles solved, and number of hidden objects found. Try it for yourself and see if you are up to the task of escaping before time runs out.

Developed entirely in-house, Space Escape opens new possibilities for future projects and collaborations at Pulse Studio. From customizable leaderboards to a standalone registration and login system, the experience is robust and fully featured. Whether it was recording sounds, contributing puzzle ideas and story concepts, or helping test and review the game, everyone at the studio had a hand in bringing the concept to life. We’re looking forwards to creating more escape rooms and continuing to expand our virtual experience skillset.

Keeping your audience engaged at a virtual event can be a challenge. Offer them a fun, unexpected break from training sessions and trade show floors with an experience like Space Escape. Escape rooms are just one way we can elevate your virtual event and add an enjoyment factor that Is often missing.

How can we help?

Want to include Space Escape in your next virtual event, or rent it out as a standalone experience? Interested in an escape room customized for your company and brand? We offer immersive worlds that can be endlessly customized. We look forward to helping with your next virtual event. Reach out below to get the conversation started.

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