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Oculus Go – Case study for corporate events

Custom VR content creation

Pulse Studio created custom VR content with Sandy Gordon and her team from Blue Chip Marketing Worldwide for a Proctor & Gamble event. P&G wanted to use current VR technology to engage potential customers with some of their products. We worked with Sandy’s team to develop custom VR content that fit their “Blockbuster Movie” launch theme for the event. The client wanted these two products to be given the movie trailer treatment. Pulse Studio worked closely with BCWW to make sure our designs worked with their brand and messaging.

Trying to capture attendee’s attention at an event can be difficult with all the competing visuals. People were curious to see what was going on in these headsets at P&G’s booth. Many of the attendees had never tried VR before and were excited to participate in the experience. Once they were seated and comfortable, they put the headsets on and were handed the remote.

As the environment came into focus, the users could see that they were sitting in a movie theater. There was a large bucket of popcorn in their lap. While the rest of the scene loaded, users played with the remote and quickly realized they could throw popcorn at other audience members. Behavior like this is not usually accepted, but it gave us a fun way to train the viewers how to use the remote. After a few seconds of playtime, we presented them with two choices on the big screen. They selected which experience they would watch first. The next video automatically played so they were able to watch all the brand messaging. Once the user finished they were prompted to remove the headset and get a free movie ticket voucher for their time.

Why choose Oculus Go?

What made the Oculus Go great for this experience? This is a truly mobile VR headset. The special trackers are built in so there are no external sensors or cords. (Except of course for the detachable charging cord.) The Go’s have a very small footprint for events, activations or home use. You can do most of these experiences just sitting in a chair. There is only one remote and it is very user friendly. You can buy the headset and remote for $200 to $250 depending on memory size. While the 3d models/graphics need to be optimized for a mobile processor, Pulse Studio can produce custom content with stunning quality. The Oculus Go also makes it easy to load custom VR content onto the headset.

Need help with creating content for virtual reality?

Do you need help developing custom VR content that keeps your message focused? Pulse Studio has been designing 3d experiences and branded environments for over 12 years. Let our talented team build your next VR experience. Please call us at 630-796-2894 or email

Oculus Go rental units are available

If you are looking to rent the units for an event, let Pulse Studio help you out. We don’t just create custom VR content, we can load the headsets so you can see it . We’ve got enough units to ensure your next event is a success. We can ship anywhere in the United States. Please reach out for more information.

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