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Oculus Go – Bringing custom VR content to your events

So, your client wants virtual reality at their next event. That brings up a lot of questions that you need answers to. What are their messaging goals? What VR system do they want to use? Who can create content for them? What’s this going to cost? How long does it take to make content for VR? Pulse Studio can help guide you through this process. In this article we focus on how the Oculus Go can bring VR to your event or trade show booth.


The whole point of having VR is to get people to come to your booth and try something fun and unique, right? While that is part of the overall goal, it’s important to have a point to the experience. What works for presenting a new product is different than presenting a service. We can take a physical product and make it a digital model. Using the VR remotes, we add interactivity to the product by allowing the user to examine the parts, expand mechanical details and explore hot-spots and animations to see how it works. Presenting an intangible service in VR needs a different approach. Maybe a fly-through highlights the important parts of your facility. Interactive games and quizzes are a great way to present your content. Our creative team will listen to your needs and find a way to show how your product or service is important to the client’s business or your customers way of life.

Oculus Go – Using the right technology

If you are looking for a way to bring virtual reality to your event or booth then you should check out the Oculus Go. It was developed to be a portable easy to use solution that brings VR to a wider audience. The Go is a self-contained VR unit with the spatial sensors built in, so it doesn’t require all the cords and sensors. It’s great for first time users because the interface is easily understood and works well with a simple-to-use wireless remote. The headsets are relatively inexpensive and can have up to 64GB of storage. While the Go’s may not be technically powerful as the Oculus desktop units, they still provide beautiful immersive experiences. Sound is always an issue at loud events. Spatial audio drivers are built into the unit, so you don’t have any clunky over ear headphones making it more difficult. The speakers are focused toward your ears for optimal sound. We optimize our models, so the experience plays smoothly on the Oculus Go’s. Those are all factors that make the Oculus Go a great way to bring VR to your audience.

Time and money

How much is this going to cost me and when can I see something? That’s every creative agency’s two favorite questions. The purchase price is lower for the Go’s than the desktop VR units. That makes renting them an affordable solution for your event. Multiple units can be rented to service a large audience. We recommend having one VR tech to help for every four to five units. You need someone that is trained to help people get the headsets on and answer questions that they have. If you need a quote on creating custom content please reach out to us. Every project is unique and needs more information to quote accurately.

We understand our fast-paced industry and its crazy deadlines. Our schedule is based on the complexity of your experience and how quickly you can turn around feedback. The earlier you bring Pulse Studio into the planning process means we can adjust our production pipeline to accommodate your project.

Creating content

The Pulse Studio VR team can make anything possible in VR. We take your ideas from napkin sketches and make them into memorable experiences for your attendees. We’d love to be involved with the planning and help evolve your next project. We can help brainstorm, storyboard, develop and produce all your VR content. The closer we are to the concept lets us enjoy the work and deliver a great experience. Let’s make something wonderful together!

Connecting to Pulse Studio

Please reach out and we’ll help you achieve your goals. Call us at 630-796-2894 or email

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