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Making an LED wall interactive

Pulse Studio is a design support studio that provides stunning renderings, animations and creates custom digital content for agencies and production companies. As designers, it’s our job to come up with unique tools for your RFPs and client presentations. We’re constantly developing our pipeline to turn high quality renderings and animations around faster. At ExhibitorLive, we’ll be showcasing one of our newest services: Walking through branded 3d environments in real-time. Imagine going beyond renderings and immersing attendees in a virtual expo hall, general session and registration area. Now that’s a presentation that they will remember.

For ExhibitorLive, we’re partnering with ABCOMRENTS, a leading provider of interactive technology solutions, and SmartSource® Computer & Audio-Visual Rentals. Together we are bringing the visual eye-catching power of ABCOM’s LED wall and combining it with our new way to interact with your designs. The technology they’re providing will help us showcase our content on a larger scale. Our LED wall is 2m wide x 2.5m tall. Since that vertical orientation creates a unique pixel count, we wanted to see what our content would look like before we committed to the design. We went to ABCOM’s Itasca facility to test it out. Brandon, Alex and John helped us match our content to the pixel count to the LED wall dimensions. Check out the video to get an idea of what you will experience at Exhibitor.

We’re taking our content to the next level of engagement. With our ability to create realistic 3d worlds and make them interactive, you’ll be able to make your next presentation unforgettable. Stop by booth number 243 at ExhibitorLive to experience this and several other interactive demos. In addition to the interactive LED wall, we’ll have augmented reality content to play with, a touchscreen 360-degree tour, and a wireless VR experience. If you can’t attend the show, please reach out to us at or call 630-796-2894.

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