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Hype intro video for new website

Pulse Studio is in the process of refocusing our website and utilizing a new design. Our team is so excited for the improvements that we wanted to share our hype video. By reorganizing our content, we’re making it easier for existing and potential clients to navigate the updated portfolio and expanded services. While our studios core is previsualizing concepts for events and activations, we will be highlighting our newer services. Thanks to the pipeline we’ve developed over the last several years, we now provide 360° animations and interactive real-time walkthroughs. 3d laser scanning & modeling of venues, custom touchscreen activations and our rentable virtual reality (VR) games will all have their own pages on the website.

Our team has put together this hype video for the home page. It’ll be the first thing you see. We hope it highlights our services in an exciting way and encourages the viewer to learn more. I’ll post again once the new site is live, but for now, let us know what you think of the video in the comments or PM me. Thanks!

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