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The Nexus of Cyber Data and Security


Cyber and Security


Trump Hotel
Soho Ballroom - NYC




Information Windows
Streaming Data

Personal Financial Data Security is Paramount

The security of personal financial data is a concern to all. At First Data’s Cyber and Security event, the care and safeguarding of financial information as it makes its from point A to point B was the message and a fundamental part of the design vocabulary.

Cyber + Security Brought To Life

Our scenic design, inspired by the concepts of Cyber and Security, highlighted information moving in and out of a secure location.  A center stage mosaic of back-lit panels were the windows to information. From here the information streamed seamlessly (and securely) to the projection screens. Outboard of the projections screens, Versa Tubes were programmed to represent data moving in and out of the set. The effect of data moving securely and seamlessly throughout the scenic design infused the environment and the meeting environment with excitement and energy.

Renders from the Event:
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