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Custom Virtual Event Platform

HIMSS is a global health conference that takes place yearly. Last year Tangent wanted to participate and bring an impressive way for attendees to experience their products. This virtual showcase was also a debut of their newest technology. Tangent was a successful collaboration with Swerve Creative. Together we designed a fully customized environment that housed all the client’s needs. We created a modern hospital where all their technology was showcased in a real-world application. Tangent carefully assigned locations of their technology within the environment to accurately represent where their technology could be used.

An important part of this project was to have the technology in 3D so the user could get a detailed and annotated view and were able to rotate and zoom at their free will. Attendees were able to leave their questions or meeting requests using the Contact Page to follow up on after the event. Attendees were also able to download or share the specifications of each product, so they could reference what they learned long after visiting the event. We added animated hotspots in Cloud Services to incite users to click on all hotspots. This project accomplished a clean, eco-friendly, and modern environment for a diverse audience loaded with interactive learning capabilities and the ability to download content to reference later.

Renders from the Event:
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