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Mobile Tour – Parking Lot Showcase


Mobile Marketing Campaign


Multiple Locations




Custom Trailer Design
Smaller Version Design

Roadmap to Success

Proctor and Gamble wanted a custom trailer for a mobile marketing campaign. The trailer was to be placed in well-traveled parking lots. Here, the event experience would engage consumers entering and exiting the store to which they had traveled.

You fit all that in there?

Once parked, the trailer was opened with a home’s interior brought outside to showcase specific products. For this event, we focused on the bathroom, utility room and nursery, highlighting the all of the P&G brands that could be used in those areas. A video screen showed branded content videos and consumer interviews. At the client’s request, iPad stations were strategically placed in the area. Here brand ambassadors would help sign people up for P&G reward membership. Once we had completed the design for the mobile marketing campaign experience, we were asked to translate the design into a 10’x10’ area.

Renders from the Event:
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