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Mobile Salon on Wheels


Nationwide Mobile Tour


Multiple Locations




Interior / Exterior

“How’s it going to work?”

Remington wanted renderings showing how they would use a double expandable trailer with a glass wall on their nationwide mobile tour. We created both interior and exterior renderings showing exactly how participants would experience the event.

“How will we tell our Remington story?”

The participants would enter a trailer that was essentially a mobile salon. Product information areas prompted participants to learn more about Remington products while they waited. A media wall made up of small screens and tablets ran branded videos.

“How can we expand the experience beyond the moment it happens?”

The guests had their hair styled by professionals who educated guests on the products they were experiencing. Following their personal salon session, attendees were encouraged to participate in their very own photo shoot. Participants were then able to upload their photos to social media. The results showed that the experience created a positive awareness on Remington’s brand.

Renders from the Event:
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