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Information Technology Solutions Booth


Trade Show Booth 


Multiple Locations




Trade Show Booth Design

In 2020, Pulse Studio designed a 20x20 tradeshow booth for the information technology solutions company LTI.  The concept was a realistic garage that gave a nod to the humble beginnings of most Silicon Valley technology companies.  Many attendees were owners of their own start ups and could relate to this stage of business development.   

The overall structure was achieved using a custom aluminum extrusion, SEG, and Sintra graphics.  The design featured a custom welcome desk, 3 demo kiosks that had open meeting tables and monitors to present content, a small private meeting room, and one larger private meeting room. Overall, a lot of functional spaces were neatly packed into this 20x20 trade show booth space leading to a multifaceted and dynamic trade show booth presentation.

Renders from the Event:
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