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Boeringer Ingelheim Revolution


Innovation in Anticoagulation


The Venitian Hotel
Palazoo Ballroom
Las Vegas




Rental Set Pieces
Dramatic Scrim Lighting
Texturing with a Variety of Digital Devices

The client’s scenic design goals were clear:

A unique set lit with traditional stage lighting and color washes

Low-cost, quick, onsite setup

A visually “liquid” set

Foundational Elements

Our design featured an “inside out” approach. We began with rented scaffolding that utilized different heights to create very dynamic landscape. This was the set’s backdrop.

​Adding Layers

The scaffolding was then wrapped with scrim. By lighting it from both the inside and the outside we could instantly change the set’s look and feel. By lighting the scrim from inside, the scrim became dreamy and translucent. Conversely, lighting the scrim from the outside created an opaque and very solid look and feel.

​Subtle Texturing

We used the scaffolding to mount lights and versa tubes. These, in addition to the various projection surfaces created by the scrim offered countless options for the display of imagery and video feeds.

Renders from the Event:
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