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BIOGEN 40x80 Booth


Tradeshow Booth


Multiple Locations




3D Interactive Design
Virtual Experience
Touch screen

Inviting and Comfortable

Biogen creates innovative therapies for those living with serious and rare diseases. This event was an opportunity for those in this unique community to meet, have fun, and share their powerful experiences in recovery. Pulse Studio was asked to create a space that did just this. Our environmental solution, completely unlike a typical exhibit booth, was a space that was warm, inviting, and comfortable. It powerfully supported Biogen’s goal of making attendees feel welcome and part of the Biogen extended family because, in true family tradition, Biogen was there to help attendees, not sell to them.

The Most Important Gift is Time

Our design solution was a backyard brought to life indoors. This fun, casual, family-like gathering environment underscored the message that Biogen medications give users the priceless gift of time. With Biogen products, attendees had more time with family and friends, and more time to travel and experience life in ways that were previously unimaginable.

Fun with “Family”

We designed a virtual experience touch screen that took attendees’ faces and placed them in fun outdoor adventures, powerfully reinforcing that attendees could now do things now that they once couldn’t. Attendees loved hanging out, playing, learning more, and sharing with others who, with Biogen, were overcoming similar life challenges. Now they were not only not alone, they were, as a “family,” empowered.

Renders from the Event:
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