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Google Virtual Winter Wonder Village


Employee Holiday Event


Virtual, United States




Interactive Virtual Environment

The Google Virtual Winter Wonder Village was created as a personalized event for Google employees in lieu of a typical holiday office party. Google employees were able to chat with one another, create personalized schedules consisting of events they wanted to attend. The event ran for 3 weeks, so one day you might attend a class in the workout tent, catch a circus show at the main stage, and learn to mix cocktails in the afternoon while the next day you could craft holiday décor at the workshop and then attend a magic show. Guests were rewarded for comleting a scavenger hunt with access to a secret location, the town speakeasy.


The Bash/Google team put to use all that we have to offer. We created a custom CMS to host live events, scheduled activities, and interactive content like cooking and crafting lessons with downloadable content to follow along. We developed a new feature _meditation sculpture_ . The Google Winter Wonder Village Environment included 2 stages, additional areas with live scheduled content (crafting at the Winter Wonder Village Workshop, cooking or barista/bartending lessons at the café, a workout tent) and 5 multi-player games in the Tavern Arcade. The workshop also featured a mural that changed each day based on ideas that the attendees submitted. With careful attention, the Pulse designers crafted a European snow village surrounded by a lake and mountains. We achieved a new level of detail in our 3D modeling from flour dusting the freshly baked bread in the Café to smoke rising out of the chimneys.  

Renders from the Virtual Environment:

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