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3D Multi-media Dome Experience




CES Las Vegas




3D Rendering

There’s No Place Like Dome

To stand out at the annual new electronics extravaganza that is CES is no small feat. And so for Hisense we didn’t do anything small. To bring to life a multi-media experience showcasing the Hisense LCD and projection products, we created two, connected inflatable domes, each 72 feet in diameter! Inside customers were surrounded with videos displaying an array of Hisense products. LCD screens were in the floor and wrapped the perimeter, with stacked projectors providing a 360-degree video display above. The dome’s exteriors were animated with3D projection mapping, enveloping the two domes, and providing a can’t-look-away viewing experience.

Bursts of Color and Energy

For this Hisense booth we were asked to create an animation that demonstrated the video display design. The animation had to show how the content from the 4 LED towers would feed content into the “artichoke” of Hisense screens above.

The content also needed to show the bursts of color and energy that would capture people’s attention, excite them, and bring them in to the booth. The video highlighted that when an attendee stood in the middle of the booth, they would feel like they were not just watching something, but an integral part of a memorable experience.

Renders from the Event:

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