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Avion Tequila Launch


Product Launch


Multiple Locations



Product Renderings

Vision as the World’s Best

Avión’s vision was simple: create the world’s best tasting tequila. And according to their website their vision has been realized. Avión has indeed been “voted the world’s best tasting tequila.” Of course, as the world’s best Avión wanted to create marketing items targeting specific people that would help them launch this high-end brand.  They wanted to show ways to immerse the consumers in the product experience.

Customized Marketing Items

One of the marketing items our client wanted was a customized Halliburton type case that would open up and showcase the product. The case we designed had a mirror that showed the reflection of the person opening the case cast into a mirror with the product’s tagline etched onto it. As the person opened the case, the bottle would rise up from inside with an LED light underneath illuminating the liquid. The second marketing item we designed was a shot glass serving display that was intended for VIP in-flight beverage service. The display had a light below the bottle that would make the bottle glow and bathe its contents in a rich, warm patina.

Renders from the Event:

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