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Custom Virtual Event Platform

Using the amazing artwork created by the talented team at Appirio, a WiPro company, we designed a custom rooftop virtual event venue to compliment the Helix event branding. The venue was surrounded by a modern semi-futuristic city skyscape. Sponsors took over an entire branded building in the city encompassing the Helix event.  The event was comprised of a 22-hour livestream with 54 back-to-back sessions topped off with a concert in the final hour.  Viewers joined from all over the world and were able to view live content regardless of their time zone due to the almost 24 hours of content. Attendees could also pop over to the bar to listen to DJ Sadie Woods and watch the mixologist create the perfect cocktail, or they could connect to other users with both one-on-one and group chats.  In the Connect Zone, attendees could join pre-scheduled small group video conferences.  VIP’s were invited to the exclusive Club, a password required room for more intimate video meetings. 

A series of on-demand content could be explored to learn about the latest Appiro and partner product solutions. After checking out a solution, attendees could jump into a chat with an expert to ask questions and learn more in real time.  Attendees could also visit the Industry Showcase, where you could find in-depth content about Appirio’s solutions used around the globe. Finally, the event began and ended with the Giving Gallery. At the beginning of the event, attendees voted on which charity to donate to in their honor. Then at the end, attendees were asked to look to the sky as thousands of light lanterns were released into the air. This immersive experience was symbolic of the thousands of donations made at the Giving Gallery throughout the live event.   

Renders from the Virtual Event:
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