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New Rugby VR Rental Game available!

While producing amazing design and beautiful renderings on time is very important to Pulse Studio, it’s good to get away from our desks and have fun. Last Friday our team tested the newest version of our virtual reality rugby game before it gets shipped to the next event. Here’s video of our rentable, brandable module that gets progressively more challenging per round. We setup 2 VR stations where players can challenge each other. The stations are connected to a media player that feeds the names and scores to a separate screen with the player rankings. The large displays can show what the VR players are experiencing on larger screens to show the audience to attract attention and get people to engage you. You can use the experience to get people to engage you.

Our VR modules are created so they can be easily modified to show your logos, colors and branding. It will look like you have your own custom VR game. We have several games already created. Please reach out to us to learn more.

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