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Introducing Episode 1 of Escape Black Orion now on Steam!

Update! Here is the latest post about the launch of Escape Black Orion on Steam:

Futuristic sci-fi high-quality environment? Check. Plucky robot sidekick? Check. Unknown force causing your world to fall apart? Check! In Escape Black Orion you are an engineer working in a mysterious facility code named Black Orion. Using your wits and whatever tools you can find you must disengage the door locks to escape before your air runs out. Something is very wrong and you need to find out what happened but first you need to get out. Luckily, you’re not alone! Along the way you meet Pluckey. He’s one of the facilities maintenance robots and wants you to survive. Pluckey adds his wit and skills to help you navigate this challenging puzzle game.

Pulse Studio has taken its roots designing 3d environments and our love of video games to create our first virtual reality escape room. We have designed a game that uses unique custom tools and encourages creative thinking. Episode 1 will introduce you to the world of Black Orion and its characters. It features the first room you need to escape from in order to survive. Each Episode will add more puzzles and reveal more insight about this mysterious place. Episode 1 takes about 30-50 minutes to complete depending on how quickly you can solve the puzzles. Our game has been submitted to Steam and should be available on September 14th, 2018. Check out the trailer here and if you have a Steam account we hope you add it to your wishlist: You can learn more about Escape Black Orion at

Original post on 07-10-2018:

As our virtual reality services evolve, we have been working on our own version of a VR escape room game. The Pulse Studio interactive team has combined our knowledge of 3d, virtual reality, programming, event design and entertaining audiences into what we are calling Episode 1 of Escape Black Orion VR launched later in July or early August. It will be available on the Oculus Store as well as on Steam. Please check out our progress here: The site will show the game and story development and any updates we can share. Our goal is to give VR gamers an escape room that immerses the player into a realistic sci-fi environment with a deeply intriguing story that makes you want to know more.

We know what you are thinking. A teaser image is great but what does the game play look like? Don’t worry, the trailer will be up soon! We have to be careful what we show in the trailer because we don’t want to give away clues to the puzzles. We want you to be able to use your own ingenuity to make it out alive. Our talented team of designers has put a lot of time into building a futuristic environment and developing some fun gadgets for you to use in the game. As we to improve our concepts and tools we can make more complex challenges.

We invite you to visit our new website and join the mailing list. There will be a link to the Oculus Store and Steam as soon as we can. Once it is up, we’d love if you would add Escape Black Orion to your wish lists.

If you are an event planner, we have a brandable, customizable rental VR module of this escape room available. Please visit to learn more!

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