We create experiences. It’s what we do and have always done. Pulse Studio is always pushing the boundaries of what it means to provide immersive and memorable experiences for small groups or entire cities.
Our designers are passionate and curious and always learning/creating new techniques in order to merge them with new technology.


Let’s work together to unleash the full potential of your project and place your audience within reach.




 We are taking all of that experience into Virtual Reality and
making it available for you and your story.
Are you ready to take your next event into VR?

The Gateway

Oculus Rift & Touch

Fully interactive, 360º HD experiences with built in high definition headphones and ergonomic controllers.

We’ve tested the landscape and we have chosen to develop our content using the Oculus Rift. The natural feeling the controllers provide, the HD display and built-in headphones all contribute to the realness that VR provides. Easy to setup, easy to hold, easy to interact with your story. It was a no-brainer. The Oculus is our gateway into the virtual world.


The VR Module


Interchangeable. Brandable. Affordable.

Interactive virtual reality is the next step in immersive VR. Eliminate passive experiences and increase customer engagement.

We developed brandable modules to reduce the entry cost for virtual reality.

Each of these modules are customizable so you can add client educational elements, product information or brand reinforcement while at the same time being fun and entertaining. This allows you to have affordable VR experiences at your events but not have to pay for a fully custom experience.

This also saves a lot of time making it ideal for projects with short deadlines.

The Virtual Assistant

Meet Pluckey. 
Your digital brand ambassador!

You’re not alone. Pluckey is your VR helper. He’s the digital assistant that speaks directly to the guest!

Whether you want Pluckey to be a helpful brand ambassador or a silly counterpart with a hint of sarcasm, we can customize the personality to fit your message. This allows your guest to enjoy the game with a bit of help.


The Paint Room

A modular warehouse of sorts. Our modules can be tailored to be a single experience or multiple challenges for a player to solve.

Customization options include:

  • Brandable opportunities
  • Brand Colors
  • Imagery and Graphics
  • Tools and Targets
  • Questions / Answers
  • Music and Ambiance
  • Environment
  • Scoring and Leader boards

It’s about getting your brands message across and having fun while doing it.


The Tools


Paint Ball Gun


Paint Sprayer


Steady. Easy to use. Slightly accurate.

Your job: hitting the target.

Game objectives include:

  • Branded target shooting
  • Shooting bad targets while avoiding the good targets
  • Questions with true or false answers to reinforce brand messaging

Wild. Inaccurate. Fast.

Solve a problem fast without caring too much about accuracy.

Game objectives include:

  • Uncover hidden messaging and clues
  • Find your brand logo by covering the room in paint
  • Use the sprayer to complete pipe puzzle
  • Liquid volumetric challenges

Targets can be customized.

What fits your brand? Let’s aim at that!


Pulse Phaser


Accurate. Steady. Set to Stun.

Think before you act. Patience and accuracy are requirements.

Game objectives include:

  • Place objects in the correct order
  • Match the puzzle pieces
  • Draw the correct pattern
  • Use as a remote control to fly a drone

Paint Grenade


Tangible. Dependable. Skills Based.

Do more than point and shoot.

Game objectives include:

  • Solve riddles by throwing the grenade through the correct hole
  • Answer True or False questions about your brand
  • Create a fun carnival game and knock things down

Objects can be customized.

What fits your brand? Let’s throw that!


A fully custom, VR experience. Told your way.

People will forget what you said but not how you made them feel. Tell your story in a visceral way by immersing people into your brand.

We take storytelling to new levels by creating dynamic, interactive, custom VR experiences designed to immerse people inside your world.

It doesn’t have to be a game, it just has to be memorable. Contact pulse today to start telling your story.

  • Pulse Studio works with the client to understand the messaging and story they want the guests to experience
  • By starting with storyboards we are able to illustrate the experience for the client
  • Once the storyboards are approved we craft the worlds in 3D
  • Finally we refine the voice over and story visuals to make sure that the guest walks away with an understanding of the product or brand

Our team of designers and developers can build experiences ranging from the very small to the unthinkably large. From a single interactive product demo to a multi-level story with full interaction and visual effects, we can build it.


Lights, Camera, Action

Scenic design like nothing you have ever experienced….Until now… 

Show clients the opening of their general session! See how your set looks and more importantly feels months before the production ever starts.  You could even have your presenters practice on stage, so when they get to the show they are already comfortable on stage.  


Training and Data Tracking


It’s all fun and games until it’s not.

VR is absolutely not limited to a single, linear story. It can also be a dynamic training experience. This will prove not only to be an effective exercise for the trainee, but a valuable tool for the administrator.
Track data and decision making in order to better understand what sections of your training need more emphasis.

The Next Wave of Education

The landscape of education is always changing. Here comes the next wave.

It is one thing to explain an incredible idea. It is another thing entirely to show it in action.

Take your students out of the classroom and place them into the subject matter. Let them solve problems by thinking critically. Show them how far our civilization has come and learn about all the shoulders we stood on to get us there. What comes next? Let’s find out.


“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” 

-Maya Angelou


Pulse creates content and experiences that connect in emotional and memorable ways.

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